Poker can be fun to play as well as a means to earn money by playing on online poker sites. Online poker rooms offer both avenues for you. You can play f or fun even without depositing or you can use poker sites to make money by playing real games. Free poker games can be useful for you to master the Poker game. Most of the poker sites offer free poker games and also poker rules.

Once you have learned and mastered the online poker games you can start your journey to make money out of it.

The next big question is how to make big money from poker sites and how to play the game to make money. There are plenty of poker sites and their number keeps growing day by day. So how do you find the best poker site to play poker game?

You will have to look a number of things in the poker sites in order to narrow down on your choice. You should look for following features in any poker site

  1. Reputation
  2. Banking options
  3. Signup Bonus
  4. Cash games and tournaments
  5. Traffic
  6. Security

Once you have found a good poker site the next step is to start playing on it. Once you have started playing on poker rooms the next consideration is how to play winning game, or how do you know if you are winning or not? The rule of thumb is that if you are winning and earning about 40% from your investment then you are in winning situation. If your earning is going down and it is less than 40% then you are loosing.

Remember winning at poker is not as easy as you might thing, even though poker is game of skill, luck also plays important role. You should constantly improve your skills by calculating odds, observing how other player play, guessing opponent’s cards and predicting the next moves.

Free games on poker sites can be another way to learn more but most of the time they are not too good since lack of real money players don’t take it seriously.

Another way to improve your game and without loosing much money could be small limit games. Once you have mastered your game in small limit games you can jump to higher limit games and keep going further till you have started winning.

There are people making more money by playing on poker sties than they earn from their full time job.

By Dan Brown
Dan is an expert writer and poker players and he has written many articles on online poker and also provides consultancy to Poker Bonus site.