Online Bingo is hugely popular within the UK and is one of the most enjoyable forms of entertainment available online today. The variety of games available at an online bingo hall far exceeds that of a land based bingo hall. Players also have the option to socialize locally, nationally or with bingo enthusiast from around the world. Transactions are swift, secure and jackpots can reach £1 million!!

1. When playing online Bingo there must be a winner for every game. Whereas in the land based equivalent there can be games with no winner.

2. Playing online bingo is 100% secure and all details given are confidential. There are a multitude of reputable online money transfer companies that provide players with deposit and withdrawal services in a timely manner, alternatively you can use either your credit or debit cards.

3. Online Bingo is far cheaper than its land based equivalent. The reason for this is that there are no expenses associated e.g. travel, drinks, food etc. The cards are generally cheaper too.

4. Bingo is solely based on luck and online Bingo is no exception. Every player has the same likelihood of winning.

5. Players should read the terms and conditions of the sites they play at. Some are more favourable to players, and careful research can unearth some incredible bonuses/benefits.

6. The majority of online bingo halls allow players to try before they buy, with a free play option and some even offer free Bingo for real cash prizes! If you were playing at a land based bingo hall you are expected to stay for the duration of the game.

7. Many online Bingo halls offer an array of other games like slots, roulette, video poker, mini games etc. Players who get bored playing Bingo have several other options to keep them entertained, unlike land based Bingo halls. Online Bingo sites even allow auto play, so players can play online while getting on with other pressing issues. For example; watch the children, walk the dog etc.

8. Studies have proven that playing online bingo helps to keep the mind sharp also acts as a brain training tool.

9. When signing up to an online Bingo hall players can choose from a wealth of deposit bonuses, promos and giveaways to help them decide which site is best for them.

10. Many online Bingo sites have programs in place to identify compulsive betting patterns. So the industry is looking out for players with problems and then refers them to an institution of help (Gamcare).

With all the major Bingo sites offering more bonuses, features and games than their land based equivalent, there is no reason why a player would choose to play at a bricks and mortar bingo hall rather than at an online bingo games site.

Prospective online Bingo players can access a Bingo portal such as to find information about the numerous online Bingo sites available to UK players, as well as find out about the best bingo promotions, bonuses and giveaways!

By Erim Jones
Content Writer