Online roulette games may be the same in every online casino you play in. Most of the time, you will not see any differences between each game and variant. But to tell you, there are some big differences with regards to mathematics and computations with each variant.

Three different roulette games can be found all over the world, both on land based and online casinos. Each variant can vary in house edge, so it is important to take not of the difference in order for you to increase your winning odds, thus, having a chance of winning more money. Some variants are easier to find than others, due to the reason that others can make money faster for the house.

The Original French Version of Roulette

France is the place where roulette was believed to have originated. Over the years, it evolved as it was brought to new areas around the world. The original French version of roulette has numbers from 1 to 36 on the red and black spots, and a number zero (0) on a green spot of the small wheel, plus the usual outside bets. Also, this original version has an additional rule which is called “La Partage”, in which half of the player’s bet will be returned if the 0 spot hits. Thus, this variant reduces the house edge of the casino to only 1.35% and this variant is considered to be the most player-friendly version of roulette. However, the tough part of this game is that it is rare to find a French roulette version, both in land-based and casino websites.

The European Version of Roulette

Closely resembling the French version is the European roulette. They both have the same number of spots on the wheel, plus the same 1-36 and a zero in these spots. The only difference is that in European version, the “La Partage” rule is absent. Thus, the house edge in this version is higher at 2.57%, as compared to the French roulette. However, this version of the game is considerably more common in most actual casinos and casino gaming websites than the French version. Almost every online casino offers gaming action for the European roulette, and this makes it one of the most popular variant of the game that is played.

The American Roulette

The most common roulette games that you can find over the world and over the web is the American roulette variant. This game has evolved more than 100 years ago when it first came to America. In this version, another green spot is added which contains a double zero number (00). This variant of roulette has even a bigger house edge than the other versions, with an advantage of 5.26% in favor of the casino. Thus, this is the game that makes money for the casino faster than any variant of roulette, and this is the most common version that you can find.

It is not a tough decision to pick the right variant of roulette to play if you can find it. Take the time to find which variants are offered by the casino and choose the one that gives you the best playing odds.

Dave Newgates writes casino-related articles to help you learn more about online casino gambling, the top online casinos and casino games.

By Dave Newgates
Dave Newgates writes casino-related articles to help you learn more about online casino gambling, the top online casinos and casino games.