Backgammon is an easy game to learn, and it provides a fun, fast-paced break for novices and experts alike. Perhaps that’s why backgammon has long been a favorite two-player board game. The Internet has given backgammon new tech savvy, and created interest in a whole new generation of players.

Multiplayer backgammon is played online, so you will often have many people from all over the world playing in the same game room, at the same time. You’ll find online multiplayer backgammon being played in casinos, in game rooms, and anywhere people like to gather to play free games. Backgammon can be played fast to accommodate advanced players, or more slowly for beginners.

In backgammon, the object of the game is to move all of your pieces to the opposite side of the board, and accumulate the most points. Any of your unprotected playing pieces are at risk of being strategically removed by your opponent. Similarly, your opponent can lose unprotected pieces to you. If your moves are blocked you can lose a turn, or you can block your opponent’s moves to cause him or her to miss a turn. It is possible to win by having the most points, even if you have lost playing pieces to your opponent.

Multiplayer backgammon starts with the setup. Each player is given fifteen playing pieces. You will have pieces in one colour, for example, red, and your opponent will use playing pieces of a different colour, for example, white. Unlike chess, which has different pieces to perform different tasks, all of your pieces are uniform size and shape.

On the innermost portion of the board are points nineteen to twenty-four. This is the area that your red pieces will start on. The opposite side of the boards, on points one through six, is where your opponent’s white pieces will be placed. The middle sections of the board are considered the “vertical area”. The object of multiplayer backgammon is to move your pieces around to the inner portion of the board, and then “counting them off” or removing the pieces from the board. If you are first to remove your pieces, you win.

When playing multiplayer backgammon online you find many games being played at one time. Multiple game tables are set up in virtual game rooms, so that many people can play at the same time. There are often multiplayer backgammon tournaments going on as well. During these tournaments, multiple boards are played over the course of a few days. The winners of each game move on to play in the next round.

Multiplayer backgammon can be fun and exciting to watch, even if you are not playing the game yourself. In watching others play, you are able to pick up new strategies and find out how to play the various types of backgammon that are out there.

Once you have learned the game and are comfortable with the strategy, you are ready to enter a playing room online. Find an empty seat at an existing table, or start a new game and wait for an opponent. When you and your opponent are situated, you’re ready to play multiplayer backgammon. There are also solitaire backgammon games available online for those who prefer to sharpen their skills by playing against the computer.

By Carmelo Pierce
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