Slots are wildly popular in the casino. In fact, slots offer the biggest potential payoff of any game in the casino. For decades, brick and mortar slots were the only way to get paid millions from slot play. However, the Internet news is constantly a buzz with new million dollar slot jackpots at various online casinos. Walk into any casino in Las Vegas and you will find slot players with their own version of how the slot game works. Today we are going to take a look at some popular slot myths and bust them.

Myth One: It’s luckier to pull the handle.

Many slot players believe that it’s luckier to pull the handle than to hit the play button (or vise versa). It actually doesn’t matter which one you use. The computer process is still the same. The moment the handle is pulled, or the button is pressed, the RNG spits out a combination. In fact, the only difference is time. Since the RNG is constantly cycling through combinations, the one you get will be different if you pull the handle. Why? Time. It takes a little longer to reach for the handle. Since you would not have hit the button at the same moment in time as you would by pulling the handle, the combinations are different. It’s not better or worse either way.

Myth Two: My Machine is going to stay hot

Many slot players will play a machine, because it’s hot. A slot machine doesn’t stay hot and might not “heat” up for much of anything. A slot machine has a lot more losing spins than winning ones. These spins are all jumbled into play. It’s possible that a machine has consecutive winning pays or pays more often than it doesn’t for a little bit, but it won’t last. Also, when the machine does cool, it may not have another good streak for hours or days.

Myth Three: My machine is almost hitting. It’s going to win!

When a slot machine is coming up with winning symbols just off of the pay line, it doesn’t mean it’s going to hit. That’s just another combination in the slot machine’s bank. The slot machine doesn’t know that it just almost hit or that it hasn’t hit in ages. It simply spits on combinations. Don’t be fooled by this common and wrong line of thinking. It just might sucker you into losing a lot of your hard earned money. Some time ago, it was thought that programmers did this intentionally to bait players to keep playing. That turned out not to be true. Even if it were, the smart player would know it meant nothing and would have left if the machine were cold. Remember, almost winning is not actually winning.

There you have it. We just busted three popular slot player myths. Don’t be fooled the next time you go enjoy the slot machines. Play with your thinking cap on. Good luck.

By Will Win
Will Win is a professional gambler, ex casino dealer and author. For the best Online Casino Visit