Las Vegas may be one of the greatest gambling Mecca’s in the world. There’s no other place quite like it. The sights and sounds of the casinos, the bonging of the slots, and a shout from the crap table when a shooter hits his point. All of this is heady, but who can afford the time and travel expense of flying in to Vegas to plunk a few bucks down on the roulette table? There are very few people who can afford to live that type of lifestyle. Live roulette online is the answer for the yearnings to wager a bit and maybe win big.

Roulette is a marvelous game and it doesn’t take an expert to play and enjoy live online roulette. It lacks only the smells and clamor of the casinos, but the action is all there. The thrill of the little ivory pill as it spins counter to the rotation of the wheel, then drops, bounces and settles into a colored, numbers slot. “Eight, black a winner.” Online or in person, the thrill is the same.

Live roulette provides much the same thrill as hitting the casino in person; it also provides the same chance to win. The basic game is the same as at the tables, but some of the rules may vary slightly. The board and the betting is pretty much the same, thirty-seven numbered and colored slots on the wheel matched by the same thirty-seven on the board. One through thirty-six, zero, black and red, bet a number, bet a corner, bet a line, bet an area…

This is an interactive game that is played through a live video feed. In live online roulette, a player may hear the croupier and can even exchange comments with him by responding to the dealers comments though the chat box. This is about as close to the real thing as it gets. The only thing that is missing for a real live casino experience is the person blowing smoke in your face in the seat next to you.

There are numerous online casinos where you can play live roulette. They are located in countries and areas of the world where it is legal, so you aren’t risking a raid by the Bobbies, or NYPD. It is simply a live, fun way to enjoy playing roulette without all the costs associated with a trip to Nevada or Atlantic City or one of the Indian Reservations where casinos have been springing up like daffodils in March.

Since inception in June 2005, live roulette has become one of the more popular table games for the interactive player. Early in 2008, Live Roulette TV reported that more than one million British pounds had been wagered in one month. By April of 2008, that number had exceeded two million pounds. These figures are sure to have been exceeded several times in the year or more since then.

From the safety and comfort of private homes, interactive websites offer a wide variety of games of chance, much the same as in a live casino, but without the travel time or jet-lag. They offer you a great opportunity to put down a casual wager from time to time without incurring the many expenses of traveling to a real casino. Give it a shot and you should be pretty happy with what you find.

By Connel McDire
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