If you are reading this article because you can identify with the title then don’t stop reading. If you find yourself confused and suddenly feeling particularly ignorant when you are playing online slots and suddenly you come across some specialized terms because you simply don’t understand them, then firstly you should know that you are not the only one, there are many others like you and if you find yourself reading this article you have come to the right place and hopefully by the end of this article you will be feeling a lot less stupid.
For example, what does coin size mean? Does it mean you have to take out a tape measure in order to measure the coins you are going to play with or maybe you have to weigh the coins before you start playing online slots.The answer is neither of these: coin size means the monetary value of the coins you are going to use to play which in other words means the amount of money you are going to bet when you spin the reels on an online slots machine.

Another term you may not be sure about when you hear or see it is “pay cycle”. This online slots term refers to the time it takes for a machine to pay out. Some online slots experts will explain to you that in order to meet the programmed payout percentage every slots machine goes through a cycle where after receiving a preset number of coins, the machine must payout. On the flip side of this discussion there are other online slots experts who will say that even if this was the case once upon a time, it is no longer true today. They say that nowadays there is a random number generator in each machine and there is no such thing as a “pay cycle”.

If you hear the term “one armed bandit” you don’t have to start getting nervous or calling the police. This is simply a nickname for slot machines that has stuck since the days of the first slot machines when there was a handle (the one arm) that had to be pulled in order to spin the reels.

Other good terms to understand are “loose slots” which refer to an online slots machine that gives a lot of payouts and the opposite is true of “tight slots” which is an online slots game where nobody seems to win anything. There are also “diamond slots” which means that some of the “symbols” (pictures) on the reels that you spin are diamonds and of course there are the good old fruit machines have fruit as symbols – they are not the place to go if you want a fruit snack! And finally a good thing to know is the “wheel of fortune” slots machines which are known for huge jackpots if that is what you are after!

So now you know!! Now you can face the online slots games with more knowledge than you had at the beginning of this article and as we all know, knowledge is power.

By Riza
good person