Bingo is a game that has since long been played in huge halls where its players played on cheap cardboard cards. However since then, the game of bingo has advanced tremendously with the advent of online bingo sites. With online bingo, you find that the number of sites have increased tremendously over the years. These online bingo sites offer you a variety of different bingo games to choose from which can be either free to play or with a small premium to be paid to play bingo. With online bingo, you can play bingo in the comfort of your pyjamas, while cooking or feeding children. All that is needed is an internet connection and on logging and registering onto a site, you can enjoy a game of bingo. There is no need of having to go to any bingo hall to play a game of bingo. Online bingo also offers an auto play or auto daub function, which is one of the main reasons people love playing online bingo. With this option, the player can allow the card to play for them. So if you are busy cooking, and miss a number that is called, the number is automatically ticked on the card. So you need not be that attentive when playing online bingo. Moreover online bingo sites offer chat screens so that players can chat with other players to create a bingo hall atmosphere. With ongoing chat, the thrill of bingo becomes alive with players chatting with others. You can start online bingo communities through these chat rooms.

What are the basics that you should know to play this wonderful game online? Well, the basics online are quite similar to the offline Bingo game. The only difference is that these are displayed on the screen instead of being hold in your hand: The Bingo cards where the number would be crossed out as and when these are called out are now cards on the screen, which sometimes are automatically filled in by the computer, or have to be filled in by you. The Bingo cages where the little sealed balls with number would be in real life is replaced by the random computerized number call that would pop up on your screen. The caller who calls out the numbers is replaced by the computer voice and flashing on the screen you win when you completed five consecutive boxes in row, column or diagonal. When this happens in real life, the player has to yell Bingo, which makes the game so exciting and infectious.
The online game offers you two versions, 1. The computer recognizes your winning combination and declares Bingo on your behalf (this usually is the case with fully computerized games), 2. You will need to declare Bingo yourself before anyone else does so, in order to claim your winnings. The greatest thing with this game is that it has very high chances of winning; hence, every game is a potential winner for the player. In order to play the game correctly, you would also need to be acquainted with the minimum jargons that pop up during the game. You will need to know what is booklet, face, coverall, blackout, etc so you could understand how the game is played. There are different variations to the rules depending upon what type of Bingo is played, so it is very essential that you familiarize yourself with the basic terminology before you venture into a Bingo Hall.

By stickystebee
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