HYIPs are often compared with gambling. Both arenas rely heavily on luck, both are extremely addictive, and both attract criminals as well as everyday people. The one main difference in our opinion is that HYIPs rely more on skill then does gambling.

Whether it is backjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, or the slots, the gambling arena gives an edge to the casino no matter what. This means that in the long run you WILL lose more then you win. The one game which might not always follow this criteria is poker since strategy and skill can enable you to walk away with more then you started with in the long run. Having said this, the casino also takes it’s share out of each pot at the poker table. HYIP’s are very similar to these casino games, because the admins usually always take their cut from the pot. The difference however, is that some HYIPs (recently not too many) actually make funds from investing techniques, allowing everyone, admin and investors to earn more then they came to the table with.

Unlike that of blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, and baccarat players, HYIP investors can use both simple and complex strategies to not only level the playing field, but actually walk away in the long run with much more money then they started with. Whether an HYIP is a ponzi, an actual investment, or simply a scam, using the right strategy along with a little bit of luck will make you better off then you were to start with. Having said this, it may take years of trial and error before investors actually find an investing strategy that works for them.

All in all, we feel that with the right information, and a good plan going in, anyone can walk out a winner in the HYIP arena. HYIPs are more lucrative then any form of gambling, however time and knowledge of the arena is a must.

By Brian Berg
Member of http://www.talkgold.com/forum & http://www.TheHyipForum.com Hyip money making communities
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