Online casino games tournaments are featured regularly on the Web and you may well wonder about real casino games tournament and how they are played?

Among other popular online casino games, Roulette tournaments have become something of a fad. The structure of these online tournaments is quite different from the brick and mortar casino roulette tournaments. First a buy in fee has to be paid; then the participants are given fixed numbers of chips for playing before joining the roulette table.

The real casino roulette tables usually have only one player. The participants who earn the top scores go on to the next round or they are declared as winners. The prizes depend on the number of players participating, which also determines the buy in fee. Payouts are also dependent on the prize pool and the winning players’ positions. Of course, the policies and terms of the different casino sits also vary.

These roulette online tournaments use the most advanced technology that is available on the Web, featuring high quality graphics and live dealers which evoke the social environment preferred by many people. The technology makes it possible for people from everywhere in the world to get connected to play the game.

There is however a big difference between the roulette tournaments and the other tournaments featuring poker or slots. Participants at roulette tournaments can walk away easily, without having to knock out his opponents. He is free to stop whenever he wishes whether he has any chips left or not.

However, it is slot and poker tournaments that dominate the real casino industry. A poker tournament is quite like the normal poker but there are some differences.

The goal is winning everyone’s chips; the tournament stops only when someone has done this. Even if your initial buy-in is quite small, you can win big money, running into tens of thousands depending on the tournament.

You cannot win any money if you don’t place in the prize positions at the top. The prize positions are listed out depending on the tournament type and no. of players.

Every player starts out with the same quantity of chips, usually $1000 – $1500 in chip value.

While dealing with real casino casino game tournaments always remember that roulette and poker tournaments depend on luck, so monitor your bankroll carefully.

By Henry Jonnaha
The author writes for a site all about real casino buildings so please check it out for more information on games and real casino slots you can play online.