The roulette wheel game is considered a popular casino game that can ‘give’ you money. This article shares a few winning roulette strategies and advices on how to play roulette to up the chances of winning when you’re playing it.

A lot of people choose to play the roulette wheel game in casinos and over the Web because it is easy to play. It’s not really easy to win in it since it is a game of luck, but, there are some playing roulette tips or winning roulette strategies that can give you an edge over other players, or actually help you beat the wheel. To know some tips on how to play roulette and how you can more easily win in the game, read on:

How It Is Played

Before trying your luck in the aforesaid game, you should find out first how it is played. You should do your research first and watch other people play for you to gain an idea on the subject. The roulette wheel game is one that has a wheel, a small ball, and a board that has numbers from 0 – 36, or 0, 00, and numbers 1 – 36. The dealer will spin the wheel while spinning the ball, and then, players will have to choose which number they think the ball will land on, or whether it will land on an odd digit or an even digit, or whether it will stop at a red spot or a black spot.

Playing Roulette Tips

One of the winning roulette strategies is for you to actually bet on European roulette rather than on American roulette. You see, you have 48.7 percent odds of winning in the European variety, while only 47.4 percent in the American wheel. This is because the American game has a double zero aside from the single zero, while the European only has a single 0. A tip on how to play roulette, therefore, specifically if you’re a ‘serious player’ is to spend your time betting on a European table instead of on an American table.

Another technique to actually beat the roulette wheel game is to observe if you’ve reached a losing streak, and then, do something about it. In other words, if you’ve placed bets a number of times e.g. 3 times on ‘Even’ and you lost in all those bets, it’s about time you bet on ‘Odd’. This is one of the playing roulette tips you should not overlook as a lot of people who have disregarded this tip have gone home with empty pockets.

Setting a limit on the total amount of money you’ll use for your wagers is also included in winning roulette strategies. For instance, if you promised yourself you’ll only spend $100 on the roulette wheel game, once you’ve used up that amount, you should stop playing. If you don’t, the chance of losing everything is higher than the chance of winning a lot.

By Karen Winton
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