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Most individuals who watch Texas Poker tournaments, either on television or at the casino will most probably get the idea that they too can play and win big. There is some truth in that, however, before raising your stakes at the casino table and risking losing all your lifetime savings, it is imperative to be handy with the basics, and put them into practice with low stakes in play, just to test your skills.

Texas poker actually consists of two categories; Limit Texas Holdem and No Limit Texas Holdem. Limit Texas Poker games have restrictions on the amount you can bet per round, while the No Limit category, the amount bet is only restricted by the number of chips a player has.

Just like they say, it is better to learn to walk before you try running. Texas poker revolves around patience and luck, with an aspect of wit. From the time the cards are dealt, it is possible to read the board and postulate the best hand from the two cards dealt to you and the community cards.

This should also guide you to determining how you stack up against the rest of the opponents, considering that there are52 cards in the deck. This is easy or an observant individual, through quick calculation.

Understanding the game is the first step towards succeeding every time you draw your hand. The game has a rich content of jargon and rules and directions to be followed.

The first two players closest to the dealer are

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