If you are a roulette aficionado, knowing the roulette table layout is a must as it will enable you to place your bets better. Whether you prefer to gamble in the casinos or play roulette online, the roulette table layout is the same everywhere. In fact, a roulette table is one of the most significant symbols of gambling anywhere in the world. Basically made from wood, a roulette table has certain specific parts that are common to all forms of the game and has enough room for around six to eight players at the same time.
As far as the roulette table is concerned, the only difference is in the size of the tables used in the European and American versions of the game. Normally, the traditional European roulette table is much larger in size than the American one. And it is only because of this that in the European roulette a croupier uses a long swipe to collect the chips to clear the table, while the task is performed by hand in the American version of the game.

Table Description

The roulette table comprises of a roulette wheel, specific areas to place bets on and a place for the croupier. The European or the French roulette table has thirty-seven slots, numbering from 1-36 and a ‘zero’, while the layout of roulette table has thirty-eight slots on the wheel, including a ‘double zero’. In fact, this makes your odds of winning the game comparatively greater at the European roulette table. The two sides and one end of a roulette table are for the players’ use. They can stand there, place their bets as well as watch the proceedings of the game. The roulette table offers the players the numbers that they can place their bets on. According to the game of roulette, when a player bets on a particular number he is actually betting on the fact that once the roulette wheel comes to rest after spinning the roulette ball would land on that particular number.

Croupier’s End

The other end of the roulette table is exclusively meant for the dealer of the game or the croupier and no one is allowed to use this side. Standing at this end of the roulette table, the croupier not only spins the roulette wheel and calls the numbers, but supervises the entire game. This is, however, only applicable for roulette played at the land casinos. Although there is a virtual roulette table in the online version of the game, there is no croupier, no chips and no spinning the wheel with a stick. Everything is done through the click of the mouse.

Being at the roulette table is also fun. Apart from playing the game, here you can rub shoulders with the Pros and even chat with your gambling partners or competitors. Interestingly, although the online version of the game does not provide you the opportunity to be with pros at the roulette table, you are, however, not deprived of the chat facility. This is possible if the casino site software provides you a chat facility.

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