Though very often referred to as an attorney in the United States of America, Mark Seif is more popular as one of the most successful Professional Poker Players. In the present times, he has a gained immense popularity as a commentator for the television series on the Professional Poker Tour. This television series is broadcasted on the Travel Channel. He also happens to be one of the spokesmen for Absolute Poker.

Mark Seif was born on 4th October in the year of 1967. So far as his nativity is concerned, he is from Las Vegas in Nevada. Seif was introduced to the game of poker when he was merely a child of six. In the earlier years, he used to learn poker in the home game of his parents. It may seem quite contrasting that in spite of having an early start, Seif took a considerably long time before gaining widespread public recognition. He had to wait till the month of August in 2002 when he finished up in the fourth position in the second World Poker Tour in that year.

Mark Seif achieved the credit of money finish in the World Series of Poker for the first time in May in the year of 2003. This time he finished up in the 9th position. This renowned poker player has also many other achievements in the game of poker. Mark is most commonly popular for his winning two World Series of Poker bracelets in the year of 2005. He won the bracelets back to back. The most interesting thing about his second bracelet victory is that he bested a field of as many as 2013 Professional Poker Players. The list of the Poker Professionals whom Mark defeated in the final table includes reputed Poker Players like Bill Gazes, Dave Ulliott and Greg Raymer.

Mark Seif has other great achievements too in the year of 2005. He won seven-card stud US Poker Championship in the later half of 2005, which was organized at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in New Jersey. It is in that very year that he managed to make the final table at the World Championship of Online Poker.

Mark Seif is remarkable for being unpredictable while playing the game of poker. It is for this reason that he has been nicknamed as Mark ‘Un’ Seif. Though he does not possess any of the highest ITM main event finish, he has two bracelets as well as 6 money finishes in the World Series of Poker to his credit. So far as his performance in the World Poker Tour is concerned, he does not have any title to his credit. But, he has reached the final tables twice and has 6 money finishes in World Poker Tour. Mark Seif purchased a US Poker Bowl franchise in the name of Detroit Absolute Nuts in the year of 2007, who won the very first US Poker Bowl Conference Championship. So far as his performance and achievements in the year of 2007 is concerned, his earnings amount more than 1.9 million US dollars.

By Brian Garvin
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