As many of you know, my name is Zibow and I ´m a professional poker player and coach. This february 2010 I ´m doing a poker challenge in which I have to play 6000 sitngos or do summersaults in only my underwear in from of the town hall in the snow XD To make things even better I get to wear a cowboy hat and shout yeeeehaaaaaaaa while making as much noise as possible with a pair of toy cap guns!! I ´m looking forward to loosing, not XD

So stay tuned to my youtube videos for updates on the crazyness and how my challenge is going, I promise it will be a laugh XD


The double or nothing poker variant is a form of sitngo tournament. As soon as a predefined number of players are ready to play, the tournament starts. So what makes double or nothing sitngos different from “normal sitngos”? The prize structure. In a normal sitngo the winner receives the largest prize and the second player a bit less and so on until the last player in the money has been payed. The higher your finishing position, the more money you win, so it is worth it to take risks to finish in a higher position because there is a better prize to compensate for that risk. In double or nothings, half the field win twice their buyin and hald the field loose their buyin so it is radically different. There is no reward for taking risks because the most you can win is twice your buyin and you will win the same ammount whether you have a huge pile of chips at the end or whether you are the last guy that made it to the money, perhaps with one single chip left. Becuase of this, it pays to be conservative and play tight in order to survive. Taking risks must be avoided as much as possible to increase your chances to make it into the money. Hopefully your oponents will become restless before you do and make a mistake that gets you a prize without even fighting for it. It is obviously not just a matter of sitting back and cruising into the money. If it were, everybody would do it. But there is a point in avoiding trouble and several ways to keep in mind to do just that. First of all try to avoid calling all ins for all your stack. Even if you are ahead, you still have a certain chance to get eliminated and the only ones that benefit are the oponents that are not involved in the pot. If your hand is a monster and your stack is smallish relative to the blinds, it ´s not a mistake to call, but generally with a decent hand that you would call with in cash, in a double or nothing you would fold. So how do we win some chips to survive the increasing blinds if we have to avoid risks all the time? Simple, the least risky move is to play in spots where your fold equity is high. Fold equity is you equity in the pot derived from the likelyhood of your oponents to fold to you. We achieve this by going all in for all our chips in situation with few oponets remaining to act. If there is only one oponent behind us and he will only call with his best hands, we are extremely likely to steal the blinds and that is the main survival plan in double or nothing tournaments!

Anyway, this is meant to be a short introduction to good double or nothing strategy but I ´m more of a video guy (both watcher and maker) so I ´d like to refer you to the site I work for: so you can watch free double or nothing learning videos your hearts content.

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