Are you new to backgammon and looking to develop some winning strategies? Or maybe you used to play live backgammon and are looking for ways to relearn some of your old skills and put them into practice to play backgammon for money? Either way, you’ll need backgammon strategy to help you succeed. The following basic strategies have been recommended by top backgammon players and should help you to improve your game and gain more confidence in your abilities.

The course of a backgammon game is impossible to predict. Your performance in a game can change from one roll of the dice to the next. However, it is possible to keep ahead of your opponent by calculating your next move. A sound strategy is to learn the best action for every scenario, including the best moves you can make on the backgammon board based on the opening rolls. Learning how to use the opening rolls to your advantage can give you a healthy lead in online backgammon and put you out in front of your opponent time after time.

Similarly, if you’re looking to maximize your strengths in a backgammon board game, a thorough knowledge of backgammon rules and backgammon set up are crucial. Learn everything you can about moving your checkers and which parts of the board give you the most advantages. We also recommend memorizing the strategies below which can be combined to give you a strong game plan.

If your opponent is wiping the board with you, you may wish to try a strategy known as the Backgame. The Backgame attempts to ruin your opponent’s game plan by building two or more anchors inside his home board. In conjunction with the Holding strategy, which will slow your opponent’s game down, you can significantly alter the state of play. Your opponent will be forced to re-enter each checker that you hit as part of your Holding strategy into the game. This will force him onto the back foot and give you valuable time to change your strategy from one of defense to one that attacks.

If you wish to block your opponent’s path and make it more difficult for him to transport his checkers to his home board, you could try the Priming game strategy. To do this, you need to erect a wall of checkers that will cover all six points on the board. You can use this along with another aggressive strategy called the Blitz. The Blitz involves closing your home board as soon as you can which will make it almost impossible for your opponent to re-enter any of the checkers you have hit back into the game from the bar.

Another useful strategy is known as Running and simply means that you should move your checkers as quickly as possible around the board while avoiding possible hits and obstacles. Remember the best way to play internet backgammon is to keep your goal in mind at all times. You must be the first player to move your checkers off the board in order to win.

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