Roulette winning is very easy to learn. Well, how to play roulette is easy to learn. Winning in it might take a while but if you know how to play the game, it just might come naturally for you.

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to learn. After all, how hard is it to bet on a number or a color? It is the simplest of things – pick a color, or pick a number, place your bet, and let luck (or your lack of one) do its thing. For the more specific steps

 When playing roulette, you will see a small wheel, which is what roulette means in French, and the betting table. The wheel has digits 0 to 36. The 0 pocket is color green while the rest are either black or red. Interestingly, the American kind of roulette wheel is a double 0 wheel. The betting table is divided into three parts. The first one is for inside bets. This means you bet on a specific number. The two other parts are for outside bets where you can bet on the color (red or black) or an odd or even number.

Now, take your chips so you can bet. You have to place your bets, inside or outside. Bet on a color or a number, before the dealer calls an end to the bets. You can even do a split bet where you place your bet between 2 adjoining numbers. Now here’s where the fun starts!

As the roulette dealer spins the wheel in one direction, he then throws the ball in the opposite direction. The ball will stop in any of the pockets inside the wheel. Once it stops, the number or color of the pocket is the winner. It’s just as easy as A-B-C. Only instead of learning to spell, you earn or lose money.

The chances of winning in American roulette are 1 out of 38, if you place your bet on a number. But if you make an outside bet, you have a 50% chance of winning. As you can see, successful roulette playing is all about odds, chances, and taking advantage of their patterns.

As with any casino game, it is a game of chance. If you’re a bit skeptical where to bet, why don’t you check out the other players first before making one? You can learn a lot on roulette winning by talking to people who have played roulette a long time.

By Ryan Jackson
Playing roulette is easy. It might even be easier than playing poker.You can get advices on ROULETTE WINNING from fellow players.

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