Without a doubt, live roulette TV is much better than the computer-simulated roulette games offered by online casinos. It’s not even a competition: obviously, live roulette TV is a more suitable venue for the popular wheel game. After all, live roulette TV not only provides viewers and gamers with the actual feel of the casino game, it also broadcasts the games and the results in real-time. With online roulette games, the games are computerized, much like a video game rather than an actual casino game. What should be spontaneous because mechanical and bland in online casinos. Games in live roulette TV eliminates this hindrance of medium by broadcasting the games as it happens, giving the same feel of the casino game even if the players are not in the casino itself.

Of course, there are those who would still prefer actual casino roulette games. But while proximity is a great way to further enjoy the roulette experience, live roulette TV offers a number of features and benefit that makes it better than the actual casino roulette game.

Distance is the first and most obvious benefit of live roulette TV that actual casinos cannot provide. Roulette players no longer need to get out of their house to enjoy the game, since they can play it simply by watching the games online or on their television. This is a benefit that online casino provides too, except the more traditional online casinos without real-tine roulette games are not the best place to play the wheel game. Many people disregard this benefit, saying it is very minor and unnecessary. But nothing having to go to casino to play roulette is a great benefit, especially for those who live in places where there are no near casinos and other gaming entertainment. Playing the game through live roulette TV is practical and convenient.

A more promising feature of live roulette TV is the chance to play using free credits. This means players can participate without having to spend actual money (although this usually requires buying game credits first). While veteran roulette players may see this benefit as irrelevant and useless, greenhorn roulette players will see that this is a very important feature in live roulette TV. For one, beginners can test their mettle in before actually joining the game. There are number of materials and instruction manuals about roulette, but the best way to learn the game is by actually playing it. Therefore, live roulette TV is the best venue for beginners since they can play the game without losing anything.

In connection with the previous items, live roulette TV allows players to participate in a roulette game without fear or hesitation and without external factors. Many players, especially the new ones, are easily influenced by the players around. Because of this, they cannot concentrate on their game, and their chances of winning become slimmer. Furthermore, while not exactly a competitive game, the atmosphere in an actual casino can be stiffening. With live roulette TV, players can join the game and play it in an environment they are most comfortable in.

By Dan Roberts II
Dan Roberts writes many online article about the different Live Roulette TV games you can play in the UK. Other live casino games are also available with real live dealers.