Not many casino games are as popular as casino slots or commonly known as slot machines. Slot Machines have been around for quite sometime now and its origins dates back as early as the year 1887. Why have this game survived for so long? Well this is because of the fact that slot machines are very popular. You can see this type of game not only in casino’s but even on video games which only proves that the slot machines popularity is deeply entrenched in the roots of the society. But what makes casino slots or slot machines popular? Is it because of its origins? Large pay out or is it because of its design?

The popularity of casino slots is not because of the design of the machine, but rather because slot machines or casino slots are very easy to use. You do not have to possess technical or mathematical skills. You only need to know where the coin slot is and which lever to pull or which button to push and your on your way to enjoying the casino slot game.
Unlike with other casino games like poker where you still have to learn the basic tenets of the game in order to survive the table, slot machines only requires common sense and basic motor skills. With so little effort and a big pay out who wouldn’t want to at least try playing at the slot machines?

Another reason that may have contributed to the popularity of slot machines is the fact that it offers a respectable pay out. Of course slot machines does not offer pay outs that could match millions of bets in a poker game but still the prize pay out in casino slots is not to be ignored. If you choose your slot machine game wisely you could still take home thousands of dollars which is a respectable amount considering the effort that you put into it and the small amount of bet that you will be spending.

As stated, slot machines are very easy to use and consequently it is also easy to reproduce in another form. This is another factor that contributed to the popularity of slot machines. Since it is easy to use it can also be easily interfaced into different forms. Due to the development of technology the slot machine games were also integrated in video games if not as a stand alone game just like the online slot machines it may be as a side game integrated in a video game. This method has not only contributed to the popularity of the slot machine but it also educated those who are not initially aware of its existence.

Finally, one more reason why slot machines or casino slots are so popular is because of the fact that slot machines are easy to produce and this contributed to the huge number of slot machines inside casinos. For some casinos an entire room or floor is dedicated to slot machines and it’s because of this that most people will not leave a casino without playing at the slot machines.

By Bryan Halverson
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