The number 26 is often called as “bed and breakfast” and the number 59 as “Brighton line.” If you are familiar with these nicknames, then you must be an avid bingo player. In the UK bingo has its own traditions and culture. Bingo callers and bingo players even know and use special nicknames, like the “bed and breakfast,” for each of the numbers.

Bingo can be traced back to a lottery game called “Lo Giuoco Code Loto” played in Italy in 1530. From there, bingo traveled across the Alps into France, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Eric Morley brought modern bingo to the UK. Bingo was only regulated in the Gaming Act 1968 but can only be played in members-only clubs.

In 1986 the National bingo game was legalised, allowing the same game to be played simultaneously at bingo halls across the country. With the introduction of television and closing of cinemas and theatres, bingo halls filled a hole in people’s lives. It was an opportunity for people to meet socially, have fun and just enjoy the game. With the gaining popularity of bingo, bingo halls became more sophisticated. They were run solely for the purpose of bingo games.

The biggest transition in the history of bingo has been the move from the halls to online. One of the earliest online bingo games was a free game called “Bingo Zone” by Gamesville that was launched in April of 1996. The first UK online bingo sites appeared in just 2003.

The most attractive difference between traditional bingo and online bingo games is the convenience. Players don’t need to leave the comfort and safety of their homes or offices to play. Since online casinos are open 24/7, online bingo can be played at any time of the day. There’s even no need to get dressed up or to travel for an evening of bingo fun. As long as one is connected to the internet, one can play online bingo. Another convenience is that online casinos have the automated functions available where players can select their cards to literally play themselves and shout “bingo!” once the card has been completed. This allows players to get on with other things without the fear of missing out on a winning card.

However, online bingo lacks human interaction. Online bingo sites have countered this by introducing a chat facility, adding realism to the playing experience. With the chat facilities, players can communicate with other players while the game is in progress, unlike a regular bingo arrangement. There is also a lot more choices online with currently over 350 online bingo sites in operation unlike playing in the local bingo hall. Where bingo halls only have one game going at a time, online bingo sites also have many different games going at once so the choice is much broader.

Online bingo is growing faster in the UK. Of the estimated 3 million bingo players in the UK, more than 50,000 of them now play online. So why not join the thousands of people who’ve discovered the fun of online bingo!

By Andrew Dominik
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