It is no secret that the majority of bingo players are women. As an illustration, about 70% of UK bingo players are women.
This figure varies from one country to the other. Global statistics place women bingo players higher, at about 80%, mostly because of the fact that in the developing countries, bingo is still played in bingo halls and the stereotype is that bingo is for women only.

There are several reasons why the majority bingo players are women:

When most people hear about bingo, they think about elderly women in church basements. This means even the men who are interested in bingo do not play to avoid ridicule from their peers. The fact that bingo has always been associated with women brings in more women who want to know what all the fuss is about. According to a 2006 research finding, a large number of male online bingo players are using female usernames so that they do not get associated with the game. However, this stereotyping is slowly easing and more and more young people, and even celebrities, are playing bingo.

Free Time

Although there are a lot more women in the work place, men are still the bread winners in many societies, even in the developed world. This means women have time to participate in bingo and other games as a way of reducing boredom. Unemployed women play bingo because of the potential for high returns and the fact that they do not need to spend a lot of money on the game. Women do not gamble as much as men and the fact that only a small amount of money is spent on bingo cards, as low as 10 U.S. cents, makes bingo attractive to women.

Women Are More Social

Women are more social than men. Bingo provides an opportunity for them to socialize or to make with other players or to make new friends. Whenever men have free time, they like watching or playing sports and doing other things that seem manly. It is possible to socialize even in online bingo sites such as those found in because they have chatting features.

Stress Reduction

Bingo is a good game to relive stress. Women are more likely to be stressed by work than men and bingo gives them an opportunity to relax. Stress reduction in men does not include board games. Some men reduce stress by watching the television while others reduce stress by engaging in physical activities.

Online bingo has made it possible for men to play this exciting game. If you do not want people to know you play bingo, you should visit for a list of top bingo sites and for tips on how to start and how to increase your chances of winning.

By orit levy
owner of bingo site