Black, black and more black – now that spells elegance for the all-new tone-on-tone limited edition Ford pony car by the name Roush Stage 3 BlackJack. But elegance is not the only interesting the pony is offering – it comes with a menacing 430 horsepower to lure aficionados better than other limited edition cars.

If Batman desires a new car aside from his famous Batmobile, the BlackJack would be it. The 2007 ROUSH Stage 3 would definitely create a thrilling Gotham City ride for the Caped Crusader. Jack Roush had a design vision and the result was BlackJack Mustang. The details as well as the contents of the black-on-black car were personally developed by Jack. In addition, the prototype version was his vehicle of choice. Earlier, the car made it on the Barrett-Jackson auction block as an extremely collectible exceptional car. The car is set to offer a limited edition run of 100 ROUSH Stage 3 BlackJack Mustangs – all of which have been pre-sold through ROUSH-authorized Ford dealer base.

“I am involved with all the vehicles that ROUSH Performance builds, but the Stage 3 BlackJack is really the first one which was entirely my design and I am quite proud of how well it turned out,” said Jack Roush. “When I drove the prototype around the NASCAR tracks last season it got a lot of attention, mainly due to the intimidating theme of the car. Of course, the distinctive rumble of a ROUSHchargedTM V-8 engine turns a lot of heads, too. “

Jack Roush’s heritage as a racing car guru flows into the veins of BlackJack. Starting from the powertrain, which ROUSH performance is famed for; to the appeal and charisma of the car, the BlackJack is truly incomparable. The BlackJack is equipped with a polished ROUSHchargerTM system with a smaller pulley. It is the vital key behind the commanding 430 horsepower, which is the most in the history of ROUSH. The auto system also includes the Roots-style M90 supercharger, 38 lb.-hr. fuel injectors, ROUSH-designed intake manifold, intercooler assembly with radiator and a custom ROUSH ECM calibration to make the most of optimal fuel and spark.

In regard the aesthetic qualities of BlackJack, artsy side is not compromised. Elegance is a big part of the BlackJack dominance. The limited-edition pony boasts its matte black 21-inch stripe across the center of the black paint. It also delivers the addition of the seven-piece ROUSH aerobody kit. Volvo transmission mount is of no moment since BlackJack’s auto parts accessories are distinctively engineered to match power and design. The engine compartment flaunts polished billet aluminum accessories, such as radiator, oil and strut tower caps. They contribute in making BlackJack an exciting package for street or track driving.

Striking interior upgrades include charcoal leather seating with an embroidered Stage 3 BlackJack logo, billet aluminum pedal kit, white electroluminescent gauges, and short throw shifter with black shifter ball. To add a dash of modishness, even the door sills were upgraded. ROUSH carbon fiber design dash trim kit and embroidered floor mats are made standard to the limited-edition model.

The handling of the vehicle has been significantly enhanced; that makes the pony more noticeable than before. The new-found handling experience is attributed in part to the addition of the Stage 3 suspension package. The latter swaps out the stock front struts, rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear sway bar and jounce bumpers for high performance versions of the car.

The 2007 Stage 3 BlackJack epitomizes the mantra – “Once you get behind the wheel you will immediately see why we claim that “Between a race car and a road car… Is a ROUSH car.”

By Glady Reign
Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. She is a native of the motor city and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field.