Picture a scene in a land casino where a player sites down to play blackjack at a crowded table. All of a sudden, he or she pulls out a series of charts and list on which are mapped out a clear and concise blackjack strategy that has been prepared lovingly over a number of months using accurate mathematic equations. It wouldn’t be too long before that same palyer would find them being escorted from the premises with their plans and charts stuffed somewhere, and not necessarily their pocket.

Make no mistake a player who takes the time and invests the thought will stand a much better chance of winning than one whose play strategy is based around bringing their lucky rabbits foot to the table. Blackjack is really the only table game that you will find in a casino, online or off, where a player has any real say on how each hand will be played out. Thinking online players can and have used this fact to their advantage and have produced consistently good results pitting their wits against the multiple algorithms woven into the online casino blackjack software.

The other thing that the online blackjack strategist will have long ago thrown into their virtual wastebasket is the concept of the “lucky streak” In online casinos these things just don’t happen. A player has to sit down at the table knowing that over any period of play the best that they can expect is to win will represent no more than one percent of their playing stake. In other words, for every £100 you are prepared to wager over a session, you should expect to win a single pound. Blackjack players who cannot resist the temptation to “push the boat out” will never match these figures. Tight Blackjack players will. It all depends on the type of player, those who crave excitement or those who invest their money and expect a return.

Players who keep records and play to a strategy will tell you that 1% is a good return, and anyone who expects more should polish that lucky rabbit’s foot.

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By David brett
David Brett is a highly experienced IT professional and a well known blackjack and online blackjack marketing consultant who has successfully ranked major websites into leading positions in Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.