While players know how to count cards in blackjack, they are ready for the blackjack advanced strategy, where the basic rules of blackjack no longer apply. The following seven tips are used by the best card counters in blackjack, & now you can use their closely guarded blackjack strategies to win!
Blackjack Tip #1: There Is A Time & A Place For Insurance.

When the dealer is showing an Ace they generally avoid taking insurance because usually this decision costs funds. But if you are a card counter & you know that the deck is positive (lots of 10s left) it becomes a profitable play to take insurance!

If the count is +4 or higher you ought to take insurance against that pesky Ace

Blackjack Tip #2: When To Stand With The Dreaded 16.

Do not take a card when you are showing 16 against a 10 up-card if the count is +1 or higher.

Those blackjack players with a rudimentary knowledge of the game know that they must hit when face with a total of 16 against the dealer if the dealer is showing anything from 7 to an A as the up-card. But what they don’t know is that when the count is positive, even if there is only 1 more 10 card left than normal (when the count is 0), you ought to stand on 16 against a dealers 10! The statistics do not lie – this is a more profitable play than taking a card, which has a higher likelihood of being a 10 & busting you.

Blackjack Tip #3: Standing with 15 against a 10 up-card.

This is a similar play to the one above. Most of us blindly take a card when we are put in this uncomfortable position, but one time again if the count is high the correct play becomes to stand with 15. In this case a higher count is necessary compared to when you are in the 16 vs. 10 position, but as long as the count is +4 or higher you ought to not draw a card to the 10 up-card.

Blackjack Tip #4: Splitting 10s. Say it is not so!

Stand on 15 against the dealer’s 10 when the count is higher than or equal to +4

You have seen it lots of times before, but usually it is the drunkard with the annoying laugh who is doing it: splitting 10s & having a high-old time. What a loser, you think. But there’s definite instances when this is a great play to make, namely when the dealer is showing a 6. The dealer is already in the worst possible spot here. &, if there happen to be an abundance of 10s left in the deck the dealer is in such a bad position that you ought to maximize chances by splitting your 20. First of all, the dealer is likely to bust with all those 10s in the shoe. Second, you are likely to hit more 20s with your split 10s. But be warned, sober one, you ought to only do this when the count is +5 or greater.

Split 10s against a dealer’s 6 when the count is +5 or more

The same rules apply to this highly aggressive & unusual blackjack strategy. You require a juicy count with lots of 10s to come. They would actually advise a count of +6 at the maximum for this play to be profitable in the long run, but you are fundamentally looking at a bust from the dealer here.

Blackjack Tip #5: Splitting 10s when faced with a 5.

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