Are you only interested by big jackpots when playing blackjack? Or qre you one of these players who stay glued to the table for hours on end because you just cannot leave without the game?

Casinos are of course the favorite venue for blackjack players, so let’s have a look at the kind of players we can regularly see around the table. Of course what follows is a broad generalization, my intention is not to hurt any of my fellow blackjack players.

First is what I like to call the killers. These blackjack players come for one thing and one thing only: to win. They don’t have time for conversation and chit-chat, they come in for the jackpot and not for your pretty eyes. Of course these are experienced players who know the game and are battle scared. You’ll rarely see them talk and more rarely smile because that would mess with their killer instinct.

Then there are the leisurely blackjack players. These are usually decent players than know the game but are not consumed by it. Of course they want and like to win but they can take a loss and smile because blackjack is still a game for them, a game they do mainly for fun.

Then there are the drunk blackjack players. Come on, we’ve all seen them. They loudly crash the table, bark orders and think they will kill it. They are usually removed by security before they have the chance to lose their pants.

Are you one of these blackjack players that always come to play with a buddy, your girlfriend or a family member. For some strange reasons, these players never seem to be able to play alone with no one watching them. But do you know that you’ll never be able to fully concentrate this way and be at the top of your game?

There are still more but these are the ones I remember on the top of my head. In which category do you think you fit? Do you play blackjack to win, for the money or is it a fun leisure for you?

By Kim J.
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