When it comes to choosing turnkey casino software for your live online casino, it’s imperative that you’re getting what you need. The point of turnkey software is so that you, the entrepreneur doesn’t spend all of your time on maintenance and updates to your website. It’s important that you choose turnkey casino software that meets the needs of your live online casino today: not what you hope to achieve in the future. Think of all the work that goes into setting up and maintaining a live online casino, do you have the time, knowledge and expertise to do it all yourself? When you realize that you can’t, you should know exactly what the turnkey casino software must provide before you even begin looking for a turnkey software provider.

The first thing you want from your turnkey casino software is options. If you want a website in another language, Visionary iGaming offers turnkey software in many different languages and currencies. The world of igaming extends well beyond English-speaking nations, and Visionary iGaming is poised to provide you with turnkey software for any language and currency you want for a successful igaming business. Many turnkey software providers don’t allow you to have a fully customized site geared towards your customers, ViG does.

Next, the turnkey casino software you need should provide you with a host of choices in terms of live online casino games. Don’t choose turnkey software that only gives you basic casino games; customers can go anywhere for the ‘usual’. Visionary iGaming provides you with a full suite of live online casino games including live Blackjack, live Roulette, live Baccarat and more! In addition, you want turnkey software that’s easy for customers to use and that means no downloading. Visionary iGaming’s turnkey live online casino is flash based so your players don’t spend precious playing time downloading.

The right turnkey casino software for your business is one that is convenient for all of your customers. Convenience means a wide variety of payment processing options for loyal customers. If it’s not easy for them, the players won’t stay and without the players, there’s no profit. Visionary iGaming’s turnkey live online casino offers many options to process payments from credit and debit cards to bank transfers and E-wallets just to name a few. The turnkey software you choose should make your life simpler, and a large selection of transaction methods doesn’t get much simpler. Happy players are loyal players.

Finally, your turnkey casino software should provide you with a way to access numbers and reports for marketing and site improvements. You want a management system that does the work for you; run reports on game play, finances, traffic, and any other areas you need to track. Choosing turnkey casino software can be the difference between a disheartening igaming experience and a wildly successful one.

By Gregory
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