Wendover Nevada is like an oasis in the desert. This fun gambling town is nestled next to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats and just west of the Wasatch Mountains. The perfect destination for anyone looking to getaway and try their hand at lady luck.

While driving through the Nevada desert, consider stopping in the oasis of fun known as Wendover. Located on the Nevada/Utah border along the I-80, the town of Wendover Nevada is full of fun, attractions and gambling. The town boasts six casinos, five of which offer gaming floors, lively restaurants and bars, and nightly entertainment that will appeal to every member of the family.

Historic Wendover burst into popularity during World War II when it was used by the Army Air Corps as a bomber training base. This is where the Enola Gay bomber pilots trained before bombing Hiroshima. Visit the Historic Wendover Nevada Airfield Museum to learn more about these brave men. Then explore more of the area by taking a guided ATV tour, which begins just a few minutes away from the downtown area.

The casinos and hotels have just as much to offer as do those in Las Vegas. Play the newest slot machines as well as black jack, poker, craps and keno in the casinos. Have fun playing in a poker, slot or golf tournament. Take a break from winning all that money by eating at one of the fine restaurants and buffets in the city. Relax and rejuvenate yourself with a massage or body treatment at the Montego Bay Spa. End your night by checking out the concert hall, which features performances by some of the top U.S. bands touring today.

If you want to have fun but also wish to enjoy a city rich in history, Wendover Nevada is the perfect place to take your next vacation.

By Jonathan H. Miller
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