There are many types of bingo accessory items that are used in bingo games. These include items such as bingo balls, cards, cages, daubers or markers, chips, bags, cushions, hand held fans, travel sets and a whole lot of other fun bingo stuff.

The most important bingo accessory items for every game are standard bingo cards, balls, daubers and a bingo cage. These can be purchased from specialist bingo stores, either on the internet or from land based shops.

Players can make their own bingo cards if they want to play bingo games at home, templates for these can be found on most bingo websites. Bingo balls come in a wide assortment of colors and types, however they are mainly made of lightweight plastic so that they can be sorted easier in the bingo cage. Each ball has a letter (B, I, N, G or O) and a number from 1 to 75 in US rules 75-ball bingo, or 90 if it is UK rules 90-ball bingo. Each letter is a different color. Bingo daubers are used to mark off numbers on a player’s card as are they are each called. These markers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from glow in the dark daubers to Elvis daubers. Special dauber tips are also available: these include smiley faces, paw prints and star shapes. A crucial bingo accessory for any home bingo game is a bingo cage. Bingo cages are used to randomly sort the balls. One ball is released at a time, which is released through a spout. The cage has a handle which is turned to spin the balls in the cage.

There are also many novelty bingo accessory items that are not as crucial as the main supplies needed to play. These include items that make players more comfortable, such as special cushions to ease the discomfort of sitting on a hard chair for hours at a time. Hand held fans are also available, for players feeling the heat in a crowded hall. Bingo travel sets can be purchased from any bingo accessory dealer. These are very useful for players who are not able to be present at their usual bingo games if they are away from their hometowns, or as holiday entertainment.

Some players take the bingo accessory trend to a new level. Players have been spotted at halls across the US wearing bingo ball earrings, bingo tee shirts and driving cars bedecked with bingo bumper stickers.

Bingo accessory items are part of the bingo experience. Whether the accessory is an essential bingo supply or frivolous item, it will add to the fun and give the game that added benefit that makes it a highly entertaining and rewarding experience.

By Mary Weber
Mary Weber has been an online bingo fanatic for over 7 years. She has written many informative and original articles for the website including what is good bingo accessory items.