One the greatest games that has ever graced the world of casinos is the game Blackjack, you versus the dealer, one would think you could not better than that. Trying to accumulate 21 or as close to 21 as possible has been a highlight not only on the blackjack tables at casinos but in many Hollywood films such as James Bond and Oceans 13.

The thrill of gaining an Ace and Jack to give you the all out win against the casino dealer is one of the big rushes that will continue to excite old and new players alike, and with the rules so simple, it is a game that can be picked up even as a child.

There are however new forms of blackjack that seem to be pushing the old classic towards the waste paper basket. Most notably is the high streak European Blackjack that allows players to place side bets on their winning of a certain streak, win five in a row and the side bet pushes your winnings to a 10-1 chance. Great if you feel confident enough in the cards you are about to receive but horrible if you just want to see your cards and then the dealers.

The even more ridiculous version is the 3 card Blackjack, which, as awful as it sounds actually is. The rules of the 3 card game tend to be pushing towards poker more than anything and sets out by allowing the player to choose the best hand out of the 3 cards or by using all three of them.

Thankfully their remains enough respected online casinos that will always stick to the original Blackjack game and whilst trying the new games with become second nature, most Rival casinos and even the New rival casinos will continue to provide a good all round Blackjack experience to current and newly registered players.

As always the online casinos are looking for ways to extract money out of players with new rules and new games although it can be very entertaining and everyone should at least have ago. Much like online casino slots then world of online gambling is changing but a large original Blackjack fan group will remain forever as it is one of the best casino games out there. With new players joining everyday it will always be one of those games that players choose first, one for the familiarity of the game, and two, most players like to think they are indeed James Bond when they are sat at the table!

By Ben Carso
Ben Carso is a freelance article writer from Kent.