Gambling and gaming sure have taken a turn over the centuries. Gambling can be traced back to religious rituals to the pre-historic days. Back then, gambling was used for foreseeing the future. Rituals that consisted of throwing small objects, sticks, pebbles, nuts, stones out of a container to see if the number of objects that hit the ground was even or odd. Depending on whether it was odd or even would determine whether an outcome was positive or negative. This was then thought to be the fate of the Gods, the game of chance. Over time, this type of gambling became a part of everyday life.

Over the years, gambling has taken many turns. From saloon card games, to off track betting, legalized casinos and even online casinos! Now gambling has taken yet another turn, mobile games!

As gambling evolved so has technology. Mobile phone software has enabled mobile gaming to be on the move as we are. While we are on the move at a very fast pace our technology is keeping up with us, to keep us playing the online casinos. There is no need any longer to get out and go to a land based brick and mortar casino, when we can play mobile poker on our cell phones!

Mobile game software is slowly picking up speed to enhance our gaming desires and expectations. More and more gaming software is coming to head to give us more mobile games to play. Many online casinos like Slotland are adding more mobile games to their casino features. Many of the mobile games are just as the original version that would be played online. You have the same sounds, the best graphics, and the same payouts as if you were playing the online version of the game.

Many of these games that are offered online are now being offered on hand held mobile devices; black jack, mobile poker, baccarat, keno and many progressive slot games.

If you want to play on a mobile casino, it’s very simple. Slotland has taken great strides to make mobile gaming as easy as it would be to play online in their casino.

There are a couple things that need to be done in order to play mobile games:

1. Register and set up an account.

2. Deposit funds into your online casino account.

3. Down load the software for your specific mobile gaming device. This software enables you to play and get the best graphics and sound.

4. Begin playing and enjoying your winnings!

High tech mobile phones will find it easier to play mobile games, than older out of date phones. This is simply because; the graphics on the newer phones will be better and more up to date. Mobile games can be played on mobile phones, smartphones, PDA, handheld computers, and even portable media player! You have many options on which you can play!

Many mobile casinos offer free mobile games as well as real money games. My advice to any new player is to check out the free mobile games to get the look and feel of mobile gaming before setting up a real money account.

Slotland online casino offers one of the best tech support systems I have found to date. If you are having trouble getting you mobile device to accept the mobile phone software, Slotland is there to help you!

If playing online slots is for you, and you like the thought of not having to be tied to a computer to play, check out mobile games!

By Cristina Morena
Cristina Morena has been gaming for about five years and is a regular player at Slotland. Since she is passionate about playing online slots, she’s written a number of articles related to online slots, online casinos and so on, which help those who are new to the game. In her experience, Slotland is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. For more information on the site visit: