New and modern age has to offer many advanced things and online casino game and roulette is one of them that are being famous among young generation. During and after 1970s this royal game started spreading all over the world. Currently in few countries like U.S.A, South America and Caribbean double zero wheel is popular and single zero wheel game is ruling rest of the world.

There are many variations of online roulette:

 American Roulette: This is the most popular version available on the Net. This one includes both a single zero and double zero slots which are green in color. The standard house edge is 5.26% which is higher than other popular casino games like craps and blackjack, which can often have house edges as small as 1%.

 European Roulette: This is another major variation and popular form of online roulette which has one zero slot and house edge of 2.7% which makes it attractive.

 Royale Roulette: In this variation on online roulette you can win a progressive jackpot if the same number gets hit five times in a row. This is getting popular day by day. It has both inside and outside bets and has count of 0-36 slots.

 French Roulette: This game contains two types of outside bets and those are dozen and even-money bets. This French variation is considered to be quite complex one compared to other online roulette games available. You should be expert enough and old player to play this variation.

Out of these many options that current technology has to offer one can choose own favorite variation and play in such a way where the chance of winning is more, otherwise all the excitement of gambling may go in vain if there is no unlimited supply of funds.

By John Stevens
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