The availability of slot machines in the United States varies depending on the state that you find yourself in. There are different laws and restrictions on US gambling, which includes laws regarding the ownership and use of US slot machines, in the different states. In Las Vegas, USA there are virtually no restrictions placed on US slot machine use – either for public or private use. Some states only allow US slot machines in hotel casinos. Other only allow them on anchored barges or on riverboats, while others will only allow them in specific locations where they are highly monitored and regulated. In fact, US slot machines are so highly regulated that even Native American casinos are not allowed to operate US slot machines unless they have come to an arrangement with the state in which they are located.
There are different types (otherwise referred to as classes) of US slot machines. State restrictions are placed on the class of machine that can be operated in a US casino or gaming area. The basic characteristics of the different class machines are as follows:
Class II US slot machines:
– Players play against each other
– Players play for a common prize
– The game continues until a player has won
– Games are dependent on previous games in that combinations of numbers cannot re-occur until new cards are installed

Class III US slot machines:
– Players play against the house
– There is a strong likelihood that players will lose a game
– Games are independent, i.e. not related to any previous games

The original slot machines were invented in 1895. These were simple machines with three reels. Today, slot machines are available in all online casinos. Las Vegas, USA is no longer the only place that you can enjoy hours of US slot machine fun. These new US slot machines are electronically operated and feature many innovative designs, including up-to-date graphics and music. Slot machines were introduced into casinos as a way of keeping the amateur gambler busy. US casinos these days make most of their revenue off their slot machines. There are many variations of slots games and this allows for a bit of variation.

The newer US slot machines are also adding an element of video games into them – these require a certain level of skill, unlike the older machines and are proving popular with the younger players. Some US slots machines are also linked to other machines in the same or other US casinos. This results in larger potential jackpots, which adds to the excitement of the game. Other innovations are being planned as well, such as slot machines with joysticks.

While US gambling is increasing many times over, there are still far fewer US slot machines than there are in some other parts of the world, such as Australia. Still, all the above mentioned innovations, as well as greater access to online casinos, will help to increase and improve US gambling opportunities and options.

By Riza
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