In today’s online casino world there are many ways for a typical customer to enjoy themselves and one of the ways in which they can do this is through the playing of online slot machines. There are many similarities between the online casino slots and the slot machines in the offline world that they are modeled after, but at the same time there are many differences. Most of these differences are of the good nature and offer advantages to the online model.

This is actually not as true for the difference between online and offline slots as it is for just about every other game out there, but at the same time the online casino slot machines do have an action advantage over their offline ilk. The action at a typical online slot machine is significantly different from the offline machines that you can play three hours of offline slot machine action in two hours online. This extra action is enough to keep certain people focused on their game and therefore it will allow them to have more fun in the process.


When you go into a brick and mortar casino, what you are immediately surrounded by are a number of different slot machines. Because of the fact that they are offline and only one person can interact with one machine, a number of different slot machines for the same game are required for people to have. At the same time, when you play these slot machines, you also are going to have to deal with sitting next to a number of different people and you might even have to wait in line if the machine games that you want are completely taken. Online however, this is quite a different kettle of fish. Not only are the games available around the clock whenever you want to play them, but you also simply have to log onto your computer instead of driving a few hours to a casino. All in all, the convenience factor of online slot machines blows offline slot machines out of the water.


This is something that is not regularly advertised, but that is true at the same time. The average payouts that you are likely to get from online slot machines are quite a bit higher than you are likely to get from their offline counterparts. Why is this? Because offline casinos have to pay for a building rental, property taxes, electricity costs and the costs of hiring all of the different slot machines that they have within their casino. Online casinos only have to pay for software licensing, server space and security. The costs of the online casino are quite a bit cheaper than the costs of the offline casino and therefore it is possible for online casinos to have higher payout percentages and still maintain the same profit. Online casinos will pass those savings onto their customers so that both the casino and the customer end up winning from the relationship.

By Riza
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