There has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in USA Online Casinos play in the past 2 years. This renewed interest has generated many questions concerning Payment Methods
First Time Players to USA Casino Players Blog have asked for some kind of guideline as to the best way to make a deposit to their USA Online Casino of choice. Note that all casinos have their own particular deposit methods as to how to best make a online deposit at their casino, most have 3-5 payment options for their particular casino.

Below I have listed the most widely used payment methods for casino deposit options available, in the order of preference, at the current time for USA Online Casinos. My personal choice is Visa, offered by nearly all USA Online Casinos. I have never had a problem with online casino deposits or withdrawls, plus, it is easier to use just one deposit method for easier bookkeeping.

Visa Visa credit cards are available for nearly all casino deposits. Pay attention however, credit card transactions sometimes may be rejected. In this case try one of the proposed here alternatives.

MasterCard MasterCard stays the second biggest widely accepted credit card online payment method after VISA. Again, there are cases when MasterCard transactions are rejected, so you may want to ask for help from casino support or use alternative methods listed here

Gift Cards The Virtual Gift Cards are the latest hot topic in the online gambling world, It’s good idea to try them, especially when several casinos give you extra bonus just for trying Gift Cards.

Prepaid Cards Prepaid Cards is new and fabulous payment option at many casinos

Wire Transfer Wire Transfer is one of the most reliable payment methods at many casinos

MoneyGram MoneyGram is keeping the strategy to support gambling transactions all around the world, including USA.

Amex Amex is a tricky thing. Most of online casinos cannot deal with American Express, while others manage to accept and process Amex

eWalletXpress eWalletXpress continues to accept US players. Since January 17, 2007 eWalletXpress offers 10% sign up bonus on the first deposit up to $100.

<b<eCheck eCheck has limited usage for US players, but still accepts US payments for old players

Credit Cards <u>The most popular credit cards</u> for casino deposits are Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. In that order

NetPay NetPay is an interesting depositing method used adopted by a limited number of US friendly casinos.

Diners Club The Diners Club Card is the world’s first all-purpose Charge Card that is welcomed now by selected online casino vendors.

Fast Wire Fast Wire is a new depositing method available at Rome Casino.

<u>Payment Method Questions from US Online Casino Players
Blogs, (like ours), online forums, casino and poker support lines are bombarded with questions like these:

* Can US residents still play at casinos online? Is it Legal? Of course!
* I’ve heard about Pre-paid Gift Cards. Are they any good? Yes, several USA friendly online casinos offer Pre-paid Gift Card Casino promotions.
* I have a PayPal account, but it refuses to fund my casino account. What can be done? Nothing. PayPal won’t fund casinos.
* How to play casino games (especially slots) for real money without a credit card? Wire funds is one way.
* What to do if I’ve got Visa rejection? Can I use my AmEx card? Usually.
* What are the casinos that accept credit cards? Nearly all.
* What are the best online casinos accepting MasterCard? Many do. You’ll have to check your favorites.
* Can I use Mastercard? What are online casinos that still accept Mastercard? Most do, check your favorites.
* How can I deposit money to play in online casinos? See above list.
* How to fund US money to gamble online? Are prepaid VISA cards any good? See above. Not sure.
* I have troubles with my AmEx. Can I use prepaid phone card to deposit money to my casino account? NO. They are not accepted.

These are just a small sample of the questions floating around, but you get the point – people from the US are confused when it comes to Casino Deposit Payment Methods. So currently, every online casino and poker provider is constantly trying to decide which “is the best deposit methods” for making a online deposit at USA Online Casinos. The options vary depending on which country the USA Online Casino is licensed in.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and update our site to inform our customers on the current changes.

So before you make your final decision on a Payment Method check the casino of choice for their recommended Deposit Method they know what works best in their jurisdiction.

As it stands, the Casinos accepting USA Online Casino Players are doing a fantastic job making online deposits easy and safe, so relax and just go and enjoy yourself.

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By Dennis Lauritsen
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