Here are three ways for not losing at online poker. One, make sure that you play under the right conditions. Two, play at lower stakes if necessary. Three, get rakeback.

If you are losing at online poker, it may not be a problem to you. In 2008 the biggest loser at online poker was Guy Laliberte for an astronomical 16 million dollars. But it is not certain if this has disturbed him much, given that he is a billionaire.

Many losing poker players play online poker purely for its entertainment. They can afford to lose a bit of money and do not wish to change things. If this is like you, stop reading. Otherwise, if you love online poker but keep on losing, it may disturb you, depress you and even lead to a gambling addiction. Read on then.

One. If you really want to limit your online poker losses, you must change your habits, like alcohol and distractions while playing (TV, family, etc). Control how and when you play online poker. Stay focused and sober. The top poker pros never drink alcohol while playing poker. Phil Ivey is known for his laser-sharp focus.

Emotionality, discipline and carelessness are more possible reasons for losing. Do not let your mind drift because of a business problem. You must have a game plan and follow it unequivocally. And always be wary of losing large sums of money, unlike Guy Laliberte.

Two. The second way to stop losing money at online poker is easier, but often the simplest rules are the most powerful for those with the discipline to apply them. The rule is simply to play poker at lower stakes.

The lowest stake available at online poker sites is normally two cents big blind, or two dollars full stack. If you have poker friends, you may feel peer pressure to play at the same high stakes as they do.

Do not listen to them. Pride is your worst enemy at poker. If you are losing at online poker, the most effective method is to move to a lower limit to first control your losses. You will then learn to improve your game before moving back to higher stakes.

The point here is that you have nothing to prove to the world. What is more important is your wallet and not your ego. If you truly desire to stop losing at online poker, make humility your best friend

Three. The third way to stop losing at online poker is the easiest: get rakeback. One more reason why so many online poker players lose is the rake, a high fee charged by the poker sites. By joining the best rakeback deals, you will implicitly lower that fee and increase in a big way your chances of stopping to lose.

Apply the three ways to stop losing at online poker and your results will improve instantly. You will lose less, gain confidence and start turning into a winner.

By Oliver deMetz
Oliver deMetz is a successful online poker player and reviewer. He can be found at his poker strategy website,