You decide to go to the US for a vacation. One of the prime attractions in the US for someone who wants a bit of nightlife, a little gaming and neon signs is Las Vegas.
So you get to Las Vegas. You try the some Roulette, Blackjack and you head for the slots.
You have won a lot of money and everyone around you is grinning, you grin being the widest of the lot, you’ve hogged the limelight, you’re feeling heady and you order for another round of drinks, then reality hits you when you take home 30 per cent less than what you actually won. Are you disappointed? Of course you are. You feel cheated maybe. Of course you do. You want all the money you won, here is help.
US Tax Recovery Inc. is one of the companies that actually helps Canadians get their taxes back from their winnings. The games covered are Keno, Poker, and Bingo, Slots or any other games played in a casino where the taxation policy applies. While some casinos do tell Canadians that they can get the gaming taxes back, many of them fail to explain how. Therefore, you are at your wits end wondering why you pay taxes when you do not even belong to that country!
If you persist in figuring out how you can get your money back, you are likely to find one particular agency that specializes in recovering your gambling taxes. They charge you about small fee based on the amount claimed, and nothing else.
There are many success stories on the net of such windfalls, tax recoveries thereafter for non-US residents. US Tax Recovery not only will recover your gaming taxes; they will also get you back the state taxes that many tourists will pay on winnings from certain casino games, which are over $1200. They will also figure out whether you are eligible to get a full or partial refund from the IRS, and will also help you recover gambling taxes as far back as 3 years.

So the next time you head for the United States, and you want to try your luck again, go ahead, and when you win, you can rest assured that 100 per cent of your winnings are absolutely safe, and they are yours, if you know where to go to get your US Tax Recovery.
US tax recovery goes all the way to provide its services, which is inclusive of research as well as enquiry, which could be required at any point. The objective is to only eliminate any sort of stress or confusion, which could be experienced while trying to retrieve funds without having the required and informed professionals. U.S tax recovery also helps in delivering the required customer service, which is said to be superior, and offers a very hassle free and simple approach if an individual has to retrieve his gaming taxes.

By Mo Arviv
If you gambled in the US and are a resident of another country, you may be entitled to getting a casino tax refund for the taxes you paid. You can go to a us tax recovery firm such as US Tax Recovery to help you obtain this money.