Another very important personnel in a bingo game that one should be aware of is the bingo spotter. A bingo spotter is someone who make sure that someone who shouts ‘bingo’ is making a valid call. Sometimes players get too excited with the bingo game and shouts ‘bingo’ erroneously. At other times, they marked or daubed the wrong numbers or they did not hear the right number being called resulting in mistakes. It is the job of a bingo spotter to verify the bingo by looking at the player’s card.

A spotter is also known as a runner for the simple reason that everytime someone calls ‘bingo’ he has to run across the hall to locate the person and get the card for verification purposes. This may sound like an ordinary task but running in halls searching for the winner among thousands of bingo players could be a daunting task.

A bingo spotter should inform the bingo caller if someone has called ‘bingo’ already. This way, the bingo caller will halt the game temporarily and the bingo spotter can verify the numbers.

The main duty of a bingo spotter is to collect the bingo card of the person who called ‘bingo’ and bring it to the bingo caller so they can do the verification together.

It would be of utmost importance that player would daub their cards correctly or they might find themselves in an embarrassing situation if they yell ‘bingo’ and it turns out to be a false alarm.

After the spotter verifies the card, it is either the game will end and the winner will be awarded the prize, or if the numbers in the cards are not verified then the game will continue.

If the jackpot is won, the spotter will tell the caller to declare the winner. If not, then he tells the caller to resume the game. Another interesting task of the spotter is to get the winnings from the Bingo Cashier and deliver the prize to the lucky winner.

The spotter makes the bingo game credible by awarding the prize to the deserving winner. The beauty of bingo game is in its authenticity.

So next time you call ‘bingo’ and the bingo spotter comes to you, be grateful for this person because he or she could be handling you the jackpot win later on.

By Jackie Gray
Bingo spotters work in halls and are required to work as an assistant to the bingo caller. With online bingo games are much quicker as there are no bingo callers or spotters.