Dear Gamblers,

Irrespective of the fact that you enjoy the game roulette at casino for fun or as a professional gambler, have you ever given a thought as to common questions linked to the game. Questions like:

Q 1: Why the casino roulette layout is so far from the wheel?

Q 2: Why do casinos want players to concentrate on the layout instead of wheel?

Q 3: Why the seats are so low that you have to elevate your neck to get a look at the wheel?

Give it a thought folks! Following article would walk you through the facts to make you more familiar with the game. The counter for the above questions is clear. Casinos do not desire that the players should concentrate at the wheel instead they want players to focus on the layout. Your next probable thought after reading previous statement must be why so? The answer goes like this… Because nothing is happening on the layout, the entire act is being carried out at the wheel including dealer’s interaction.

Quietly suck cash by putting into operation successful Roulette Methods. However, casinos design the layout so that the relationship of the numbers on the layout has nothing to do with numbers on the wheel. So next time you are at table, focus on wheel & not on the layout. Be smart if casino keeps you way from focusing on wheel then wheel is exactly where you should get your eyes in. This way we are exposed as to what the casinos did not want us to know and play smart.

With experience, dealers become capable of deliberately influencing the ball landing on the wheel. Not talking about bias wheel instead we here mean bias dealer, one that can be spotted in minutes & can be exploited to win big consistently. “Signature Roulette” is exactly what the name implies, we find a roulette dealer with a signature and we exploit it. Such form of roulette also teaches you to expose the secret advantage of roulette play. Game on, Be smart & get your pockets heavy with roulette.

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By John Jacob Muller
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