When considering playing at any online casino, I always check to see what their Audit Report numbers are for their top gambling payouts. To know what their payout percentages are for their different online casino games helps me to determine not only what games I will play but as well as if I will even play at their online casino.

You would surely not want to play your favorite game of Slots at a given online casino if their Audit Report numbers only showed a 93% payout when other online casinos are showing 96% – 97% payouts. By having a Top Gambling Payouts web page on an online gambling website with updated Audit Report numbers of the different online casinos you may keep your visitors updated as to the changes of the Audit Reports.

A definite that you should be looking at when you are checking the Audit Reports for some online casinos is how current are their Audit Reports. I realize there are some that are audited by the Online Players Association who I am quite questionable as to their business practices.

With the Online Players Association you will find their Audit Reports to be outdated as some of their most recent Audit Reports are over a year old. With some of their online casinos that they audit you may find some of them have been listed as rogue and blacklisted casinos throughout the industry.

Perhaps the most legitimate is PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc., who also look after the Academy Awards as well they are a world class Auditing Firm. I definitely look at the Microgaming Online Casinos as perhaps as being the most reputable as most of the Microgaming Online Casinos are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

The other Auditing Firm that is quite popular is TST (Technical Services Testing) who do both Audit Reports as well as audit the RNG’s (Random Number Generator) for most of the Playtech Online Casinos. I give credit to most of the Playtech Online Casinos who have started to be audited as they are realizing that they have to be more professional in how they do business online.

Overall I would have to say that having a Top Gambling Payouts web page on an online gambling website is an excellent opportunity for the visitors to be kept updated as to what the Audit Report percentage numbers are for the different online casinos offered. Remember it isn’t just to sell something from an online gambling website it is also to offer what is most important and that is information.

By Barry Ohman
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