Blackjack is a simple game. There is a basic set of rules for this popular card game, but when you’re playing in a casino, sometimes you will find other additional rules or variations. It is advisable to play the game for fun first, if you’re just a beginner, and practice the basic strategies before playing for real money.

Lots of blackjack players will occasionally find it difficult to learn even fundamental strategies of the game. Over a period of time, players tend to get discouraged from spending tedious hours of memorizing basic blackjack strategy tables. The best approach can be a hands-on style that uses the player’s experience. That’s where practicing basic strategy with an actual card deck proves to be important.

A blackjack table will certainly prove to be very different from a strategy chart when you actually play the game. Every minute you’re at the table, you’ll be confronted with cards again and again, and you’ll have to try and make the correct decisions every time. The best way to prepare yourself for this barrage is to practice and memorize your basic strategy as you deal cards, so you can try and make the correct decisions right at the practice table.

During practice, bear in mind that the speed you play using an actual deck of cards makes a great difference later on. It’s going to be easier making the correct decisions the faster you play during practice. Try to pick up the pace when memorizing the strategy charts during practice, since blackjack can and will become a fast-paced game when you’re playing for real.

Training your eyes and your brain is the main purpose for using a real deck of cards when learning basic strategy. At a certain point, your play should become automatic and natural to you. After mastering blackjack strategy, all you need to do to make the correct decision is to look at the up card of the dealer and your own hand.

All the equipment you’ll need to practice basic strategy is a deck of cards and your copy of the basic strategy chart. Start by shuffling the deck, then one up card is dealt for the supposed dealer and two cards for the player (yourself). Make your decisions or moves based on the given hand you’ve just dealt. If you’re uncertain how to play a certain combination of cards, you can always check the basic strategy chart you have with you.

After this, set aside the cards and deal out another set. Just keep repeating this method until you’ve played out the whole deck. If you’re unsure if you made the right move during a certain hand, just keep checking your strategy chart as often as you need to. Another way to practice is to deal like mentioned above, only that you leave the player’s hand as it lies when you set aside the cards, and only the dealer’s up card gets replaced. Now make your decisions based on the new up card you see. This makes for great practice in dealing with soft totals.

Players will get a natural feel for the game when they practice with this hands-on approach. Making sound decisions without a basic strategy chart to look at will be more comfortable to them.

By Richard Legg
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