Most people who play online poker choose to play for free for different reasons, from those who only wish to have fun and to improve their poker skills, to those who ran out of money and are waiting for an opportunity to win some money without any investment. Irrespective of your motivation for playing free online poker, you should at least take advantage of it and improve your playing skill, tactics and strategies, by analyzing your opponents, practice different playing styles and use various tactics in order to decide which works best for you.

If you want to play free poker for as much time as possible, it is advisable to stay away from the tables with high stakes. Most of free poker players have the tendency to play the high roller tables, which is kind of illogical due to the fact that watching people playing at low stake tables will give you the opportunity to develop your ability to read people and predict their next moves. Moreover, when playing online poker you have the chance to focus on your opponents’ styles by succeeding to accommodate with their habits and playing personality after just a few hands. Therefore, you will be able to predict when is the most appropriate moment to bluff or slow down your playing rhythm. Knowing that other opponents are observing your poker playing habits you should be prepared to change your habits from time to time in order to build a strong defense.

Finding a free online poker room is not hard at all, due to the great number of websites offering you the possibility to play free online poker. Thus, you have many opportunities to develop your poker playing skills and learn to play hard so that you will minimize the number of failures and defeats experienced on real money. So, free online poker brings no material benefits but helps beginners to learn the basic rules for poker and good players to become great. Additionally, free poker is a good alternative for those who feel that they got out of hand in playing real money poker by helping them to get back on track after playing a few hands for free.

After improving your poker skills, you can engage in online poker tournaments with no-limit, where you can discover the excitement of playing for significant amounts of money. From an online poker room pot-limit cash game to an online poker room no-limit game, big-bet games have gain their popularity amongst poker enthusiasts. Furthermore, there are a few tips that can help players to increase their profits and improve their game. For instance, your bet should be appropriate to the pot so that you don’t give the opponents with inferior hands the chance to make you fold when your hand isn’t so strong. In addition, you should protect your quality hands before the flop is turned by placing a pot-sized bet to make the opponents with weak hands to drop out.

Finally, you should take into consideration your position, as you have more freedom as later as you act pre-flop. For example, when you are the last to act you have the opportunity to raise the pot if you have a strong hand. If you are a huge underdog or a small favorite you shouldn’t call in no-limit tournaments as the risk to loose is very high. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind when playing online poker tournament and free poker games are a great opportunity to practice your game an come up with a durable and reliable playing strategy.

By Groshan Fabiola
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