A San Franciscan car mechanic invented the first slot machines in 1895. The heavy cabinet contains 3 mechanically spinning wheels. Each one had 20 playing card simples and an image of Philadelphia ´s famous emblem. If a person had the luck to line up 4 rounds in a row he or she won the jackpot – 50 cents! Unlikely to over 100 years back, today ´s slot machines are high tech, modern, and have advanced faster than people could imagine. They have got computers for brains, and endless game frames and configurations. All of them are packaged in cabinets, made of light weight metal.

Workers first assemble the inner part like in most other technical items as well. Than follows the computer with the chip. Then comes, the cabinet which contains all game playing opponents such as: the audio part, the circled boards, the speakers, and the meander. The electrical counter keeps track of how many coins or notes a person puts into the machine. At the base of the cabinet they engrave the slot machines serial number. After that the specialists install the bill accepter into which people pay for money. Then comes the part that pays out a ticket, if a human wants to quit the game or pay out the rest of the money.

They put up the arm mechanism you pull to spin the wheels, and then the upper door that frames the rails. Then, the lower door that frames the button panel. As you may already know, slot machines have many integrated buttons for different types of bets, game variants etc. Workers plug a tiny LID behind each button, and then wire up the panel. A plastic insert levels each button. Once they finished assembling the panel, they install it in the lower door. Now they take a metal panel with windows for the spinning rails. On the back they install two circled boards, when to operate the machines digital scoreboard the other two eliminate the wheels.

A decorative window goes over the anti tampering glass. Then, workers install the whole part into the upper door. In the lower door they install a touch screen video monitor to display the payout information. Casino technician also use it to configure the machine. Then, workers install panels with slots for receiving tickets, and inserting either money or credit cards. Now for the slot machines most famous feature the wheels. After a machine tests the spinning motion in lights a worker slots the plastic strips with printed samples. 18 – 20 simples per wheel. Then they put the samples into the slot machine. This review was dedicated to the production and how to create slot machines.

By Arno G.
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