I recently purchased The Roulette System to find out what all of the fuss was about. As a reasonably good roulette player I actually couldn’t see what this guy could tell me that I didn’t already know. Some of the worst systems I have come across are winning roulette strategies systems so I did not have high hopes for this one.

The Roulette System is basically 3 systems in one. The systems cover online roulette, slots and live roulette. I paid the discount price of $17, so I’m roughly paying $6 a system. For it to be worth my while I need to make at least $6 profit on each system. Which is nothing really, but what I really need is to have the promise of $2000 in two days with this winning roulette strategies system.

I start with the main system and it looks like a fairly logical way of making a bet and is not too dissimilar to how I previously bet. I am thrilled that I don’t have to bet high stakes and that I don’t need to chase losses. Basically the winning roulette strategies system is mostly a staking progression, however contrasting other staking progressions, this one is way easier to progress and my profit steadily increases.

After 5 hours playing I have $466 profit, having started with a $50 deposit. Not quite as much as is created in the example, but nevertheless an extremely healthy profit. Now I learn I can’t withdraw my money, this is explained within the guide and beneficial information is given to ensure that once you profit you can actually remove it from the casino.

I start the slots systems armed with my $516 and aim to withdraw by the end of the night. This system is very easy however it the winning roulette strategies seem to work precisely how the creator states it will. It seems to me that he has discovered some flaw in the slots software and exploited it. My bank rapidly rises to $817 following an enormous $287 win for a $4.50 stake and over 3 hours of playing. I’m tired so I call it a day and get some sleep.

The following day I log back in and manage to withdraw my funds in 2 hours. My bank has slipped somewhat and I have $747. I withdraw to my bank account, which is really easy and just about seems criminal.

So my overall profit so far is $693, it took me two days so its more or less $2000, but I haven’t even tried the live system, claimed some of the free $2871 or tried the other 18 casinos!

Will I earn $30k in one month? I’m not sure, but from my profit I take $100 to reinvest in the next casino so whatever happens I’ve made $593 in two days.

For me that’s more than enough and I fully recommend you try this winning roulette strategies system.

By Dean Calvert
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