The concept of virtual sporting events and electronic horse racing particularly seems to be growing non-stop.

They can be broadly divided into two categories – firstly the sort of sporting events it is possible to gamble on and secondly the web based sporting activities.

Virtual racing can be experienced at every Uk standard bookies, and also on their web sites. Digital racing is a pretty simple concept, because it’s computer created racing.

There’s none of that waiting around half an hour for every horse race, or problems with the weather they can come around in quick time, you will be guaranteed very good reasonably competitive handicaps and so forth. The electronic horses usually appear to be put out prior to the ” real life” horse racing happens during the daytime.

Electronic horse racing will have its very own trainers, jockeys and form you should check. My personal personal experiences of betting shops has seen people betting on some of these virtual horses, and there is no doubt the graphics are already becoming even better so they are considerably more aesthetically engaging. Judging the form of these races is tough however. On the internet you can find electronic horse and greyhound racing, football and now, virtual motor racing.

These 21st century games are a far cry from the old fashioned gambling options of roulette, video slot machines or the old fashioned one armed bandit slot machine games, or even craps or baccarat.

The other type of digital sports are those which are fan focused instead of just those used as betting fodder. They’re proving to be extremely fashionable as followers of sports get the chance ( for the most part) to manage either a team of soccer players, cricketers or a lot of other sports. Virtual racing applications, where you can train a string of horses and run them are especially fashionable.

As soon as you add in the connection between these gaming titles that is fantasy competitions based upon real soccer or National football league matches, there’s a thousand online worlds for sports fans to get stuck into!

By Jan Hernych
Jan Hernych is a poker player, gambler and writer