Pachinko Slot machines are getting to be a great craze now. It is a fact that the game dates back to the 20s but over the years it has adapted and the version of the game that we have now is rather fast paced and also immensely interesting. Let us have a look at the various aspects of the game and how it is played.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Pachinko slot machines –

Q – When was the game designed?
Ans – The advent of pachinko dates back to 1920s. The game was originally designed for children and soon caught the fancy of adults too. It was in the 1930s that the game was launched keeping the adults in mind.

Q- Are there cash prizes in this game?
Ans – Since there was no element of cash in the game when it was designed, this feature was retained even afterwards. Till date pachinko slot machines do not give out cash but instead will offer coupons, spins and more balls as rewards to the players. There are however a few places in Japan where on can get a percentage of the winning en-cashed at the exchange center.

Q- Is the game identical to slot machines ?
Ans -No. While there are similarities between pachinko and traditional slot machines, they are not identical. In fact the game is mix of pin ball and slot machines.

Q- How is the game played?
Ans -The player has to insert a coin and pull the lever just like the slot machine, but then a ball is released that goes through a maze of pins and lands in the slots below. If the winning number combination is achieved that the player will be rewarded in accordance with the value of the coin that was inserted initially. There is jackpot option too, but that opens up only once the player has won initially and a payout has occurred. On winning a slot at the bottom of the machine opens and that player has to get in as many balls as possible. If the balls are enough the jackpot shall be won too.

Q- Are there strategies in the game?
Ans- Yes, there are strategies to be kept in mind while playing the game. The jackpot is opened by the kakuhen system. Here the player who has won a certain number of combinations increases his/her chances of winning the jackpot by ten times. Then there is the jitan system where a player who as won will be allowed much more ease in the next 100 spins with increased chances of making the center slot. Another tip to keep in mind while playing this game, is to try and spot the slot machines that are much more likely to pay off, by concentrating on their location. It is a fact that these machines are also placed strategically, just like the Las Vegas machines.

The game of Pachinko slot machines is definitely very interesting and captivating too. Do keep the about facts and tips in mind and you are sure to find success in the game.

By Bobby M. Pagan
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