The night is perfect; you can easily feel it in your bones. You have on the lucky shirt, your cup tokens, and have warmed up your right arm. Feeling lucky and ready to start off, you insert your money and pull the lever confident that you have found the very best slot machine in the casino.

If you’re successful, the slot lands on whatever gives you the most commission. On the other hand, many people who play slots find that you will need more than a lucky shirt to find the best slot machine game. You will need patience, knowledge, and skill to get the very best possible results from your investment.

Even if you have never been to a casino, it is possible to find top rated slot machine in the room. But, it is important to know what you are looking for before you spend your money on a machine that doesn’t intend to pay out. These locations are often highly guarded by internal employees, so that information does not leak to the general population. For the best slot machine and its success, consider the following.

Location #1

One location for the best slot machine in the casino is to look near the snack bar, café, or coffee bar. Most casinos will place a ‘friendly’ slot machine near the entrance to these prime areas. Knowing that people will need to stop gambling in order to eat and drink, they will often place money giving slots near these entrances. Nothing encourages people to get back to the floor than watching winners at the machines.

Location #2

Another location for the very best slot machine to be discovered is on elevated carousals. Placing what are called “loose machines” on the elevated platforms means that every time there is a win everyone has a great view of the winner. Rather than sticking with the slots that you may already be on, locate those winning slots and give your hand a chance.

Location #3

Look for loose slots near change booths. By locating these slots near change booths, every time a player gets a win the people standing in line for change get a front row ticket to motivate them to play more. Psychologically, it works.

Location #4

Look for round or rectangular kiosks in the main location of the casino. These kiosks are often owned by slot manufacturers and not by the actual casino. This tends to work in the favor of the customer, since the manufacturer wants to showcase their machines. Often these are where best slot machine can be found.

By Annette
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