Ongoing Bonuses you will usually find are offered predominantly by the Playtech Online Casinos. These ongoing bonuses you will receive when you make your deposit to their online casino using their preferred method of deposit.

You will find that the ongoing bonuses will vary from 10%, 15% to as high as 20% depending upon the online casino in question. With each of these you are also limited to their preferred method of deposit according to the percentage level of the
ongoing bonuses you will use. At most Playtech Online Casinos Credit Cards don’t meet the requirements as a preferred method of payment for ongoing bonuses.

With most of the ongoing bonuses you will also find that you will have to meet certain wagering through requirements for both the bonus portion and your deposit portion before you may cash in your winnings. The wagering through requirements for a few of the Playtech Online Casinos is zero number of times to a high of ten times at some of them.

For the game requirements you will usually find that they are usually restricted to the Slots and a few other online casino games. Any form of Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack and various others don’t meet the games that are allowed for wagering.

With the ongoing bonuses you will also find that there is usually a monthly maximum that may vary from a low of $100 to a maximum of $450 per month. There is also a maximum per year that will range from $1,000 to some Playtech Online Casinos that have no yearly limit.

You must also remember also that with the ongoing bonuses there is a minimum deposit that you must make. The minimum amount that is required for your deposit is usually around $50 to qualify for your ongoing bonuses offering.

After going over all the information regarding ongoing bonuses, I feel that they are to your advantage if you like to play the Slots or the other games that meet the games allowed for wagering. If you are a fan of those online casino games that don’t meet the games allowed then the ongoing bonuses are not in your best interest.

There is also the point that you don’t have to take advantage at all if you don’t want to bother with the ongoing bonuses. This way you do not have to worry about either the games allowed for wagering or the wagering through requirements of the bonus and your deposit prior to cashing in your winnings.

When thinking of the number of times you will usually wager through your deposit at any online casino, even up to eight times is not that many. 1f you were to deposit $300 at online casino and were successful in winning a substantial pot, you would have more than likely wagered 8 times or better the amount of your deposit.

Whether you take advantage of ongoing bonuses or not is up to you as a player. The reason that most bonuses like this are offered is to get you to play at their online casino on an ongoing basis.

Remember to always read the Terms and Conditions of any ongoing bonuses offering before you decide to play.

By Barry Ohman
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