I have come across those banned roulette system and found it unnecessarily expensive, almost worthless in giving players heads up game and utterly a gimmick from developers of such a system. The risks involved do not actually reduce house advantage rather it gives you more exposure to betting thereby the probability of huge losses may occur. I have yet to see anyone winning it big in continuous fashion and thereby make me to appreciate the efficacy of this banned roulette system.

Nevertheless the impact on the subject banned roulette system is so great due to the eagerness of players to possess such a system that will bring enormous winnings. However the situation remains as it is, as the house still has the advantage over players and no valuable system is in sight to assist players to negate those advantages.

On the other hand there are players who by sheer determination to find ways to get ahead in the game of roulette produce some of today’s helpful strategies. Most of these strategies and techniques are basically fundamental in their approach in coming up for a banned roulette system substitute. Their system calls for simple logic as the basis of methodology. It may surprise many for the simplicity it brings. Effortless in winning is one of the end results of this banned roulette system.

Through years of observing players in roulette, guys like Chris Kaas a veteran of the game has devise a simple and useful tool. Chris has been playing roulette for a long time now almost 15 years. He first started playing when he was a fresh graduate from college, while looking for work. The minute he placed his very first bet on roulette Chris got hooked on it. From there it was an up and down playing scenario for Chris until one day he finally tried his simple yet effective banned roulette system. This made Chris what he is today.

Chris formulated various methods of his substitute for banned roulette system, and one of those is his favorite double your bet. Chris estimates that if you double your bet every time you lose you can easily win back your previous loss and also gain the amount of your original bet. This means in the event that you win on your their bet after losing your first 2 bets, your winning amount is equal to your first bet. However due to the maximum bet limitation doubling bets can be use for only a short period.

The most number of times you can double without going over the maximum limit of bets is five to six times. In other words players can take their chances of four to five consecutive losses where players can double their bet without going over maximum bet. Doubling your bet is most effective in even money bets.

Players should take advantage of this banned roulette system substitute. It is one of the effective yet simple tactics used by roulette winners.

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By Arlene Matienzo
Author is a freelance writer whose articles focus on finance, casino and golf. Her vast experiences as a finance officer, casino dealer and avid golfer really speaks well of her subject articles.