Weight count:
The term is evolved from America and it is mostly used in the USA. The weight count refers to the amount of money either in coins or tokens which is removed from the drop box of the machine. prizes to win That amount is later on counted by the team of the gaming zone and paid to the player.

Drop box:
Drop box is also known as the drop bucket. It is actually a part of the slot machine which looks like a container and all the excess coins from the gaming machine are collected in it. Actually the drop bucket is used for the slot machines which have low denomination and the drop box is used for the machines which have high denomination but the function of both of them are same i.e. the collection of the excess coins.

Bonus is actually the key feature of the slot games. The players seek the bonus opportunity during the game. Whenever a special combination of symbols appears of the slot machine the player is awarded the right of this bonus feature. The bonus can be in any form as decided by the gaming team like sometimes it is in the form of free extra spins and sometimes in the form of extra coins.

Tilt is a switch like part of the slot machines. It is responsible for making and breaking the circuit of the machine during the game. Whenever the gaming machine is tilted to play the game, the function of the tilt starts by either making or breaking the circuit. Though this was a really important part of the slot machines but it has now been removed from the latest gaming machines, with the help of latest technology. In the latest era the terminology of tilt has been changed and now it is being referred as any fault present in the slot machine.

Short pay:
As the name refers, it is actually the short payment made to the player. This condition arises when the slot machine is out of cash and the player is unable to get the full amount of the money he won. This situation of getting the less payment is known as short pay. Whenever the short pay takes place, either the amount of the player is paid in the form of hand pay or the player requests the gaming team to refill the machine, so that he can get the full amount that he owns.

By Jack
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