This poker article is geared towards beginner online poker players looking to take their game to the next level and become serious. Online Poker is not considered gambling at high levels. If done correctly, it can be a very profitable experience in the long term. Let’s begin by going over some of the best online poker tips for those looking to improve their online poker strategies.

1. Don’t play every hand
I really don’t understand why so many players love to play loose online. It seems counter-intuitive when hands are dealt so quickly. Learn to hit that fold button! Stop playing every hand just because they are suited or connectors. Draw heavy hands are nice, but don’t overdo it as other players will quickly take notice and mark you as a loose fish. When you play fewer hands and limit your hand range, opponents are more afraid of getting into pots with you which allows you to have more room for floating hands / bluffing hands / cbetting draws and etc.

2. Study Poker
Studying poker is one of the best ways to get better at poker. Rather than playing countless games / hands / tables all the time, consider taking some of that time and reinvesting it to improve your knowledge of the game. And by that, I am not talking about the rules. Hand analysis is a definite must for any player looking to be successful long term. It requires you to look into every single play you make which includes bet sizing, table position, aggressiveness, reading opponents and etc. You can do this by participating in poker forums such as 2+2 or flopturnriver. Contributing to a poker community will get you positive and constructive feedback on your own understanding and poker strategies.

3. Poker Software
I strongly encourage all players to consider investing a short amount of money in poker software: poker analytic tools. I personally use Hold Em Manager and their HUDS are amazing. With so many customizable options, I can easily multi-table AND have reads on all my opponents including their VPIP/PFR which are good generalizations of how aggressive/loose/tight they are playing. Any player who is considering playing above $25NL cash games MUST have these poker tools otherwise they will be at a huge disadvantage.

4. Strong Bankroll Management
Having a strong roll management system is absolutely key for long-term poker growth. Not only does it help you maintain against cold streaks and the absurd variability of poker, but it also controls your tilt factor. The less the money means to you per table, the less emotionally involved you will be and thus the clearer judgment you will have while playing. All winning online poker players win over a long period of time and not just over night. So prepare for the long haul by having an appropriate and conservative bankroll management

5. Stop Playing Poker
Take a break from time to time! Online poker, especially for those who play professionally or for a living, is absolutely mentally grueling! It will tear you apart emotionally after extended periods of time if you aren’t careful. It is good to take lapses of serious poker play. Enjoy yourself and re-motivate yourself by watching some entertaining poker movies or videos. Sometimes the best poker strategy is just to take a break away from all the crazy streaks.

Good luck at the tables!

By Johnny Wong
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